Endurance Beta2 patch1 (Win)

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Endurance is an old school dungeon crawler in the vain of Avatar, and Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol.

You create a party, and explore the dungeons below, collecting loot and discovering new and dangerous monsters. This beta release has just a three levels and comes with a lot of bugs! I'm hoping to work towards v1.0 release by early 2016.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please email me at admin[at]playendurance.com.

Some quick Questions
When will the game be released:
Not sure, but I hope to have a playable demo / beta available by the end of August.
How much will it cost when it's finished:
Undecided. I might just release it with adds with a pay to remove option. Either way the first 3 levels will be free.
What platforms will you release on:
Endurance will initially be released on Windows, OSX, and Web.